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Fabrics, leathers, textures, patterns... It's all in!

In today's ever-changing market, it is easy to find a certain piece of furniture that you fall in love with. Let's speak specifically to living room furniture.

Take a basic grey sofa to seat your living space. Then easily add textures, patterns, different color palettes that will enhance the sofa. These fabrics can be used on an alternating loveseat, club

chair(s), and/or pillows.

Look at all the different pattern choices that are displayed in the picture on the pillows and build your room with two or three color choices or be creative and expand with multiple colors and patterns.

In today's world, there are never too many patterns to mix and match however be cautious to the type of patterns. Bigger, bolder patterns like trellis and morrocan, work well together with one busy pattern, such as paisley or damask. Don't be afraid to blend colors and patterns as well as make a statement with them!

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