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To clean my leather sofa or not?

This is a frequent question that we hear in the furniture business today. So here is the newest solutions to the question.

* For general cleaning purposes, use a CLEAN, damp (not wet) soft cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe the entire sofa (or whatever furniture piece you have). DO NOT wet the leather, just wipe with the damp cloth only. Then immediately wipe with a dry soft cloth.

* For a problem area that may have a stain, simply combine equal parts water and vinegar in a small bucket. Dip the corner of a clean cloth, wringing it out so the cloth is damp but not wet, then proceed to wipe the soiled parts of the leather. Rinse the cloth every few strokes to avoid spreading dirt (or other particles). Again, use a dry cloth to wipe the treated area.

* The annoying ink stain? Dab alcohol (rubbing not drinking) onto a cotton swab and wipe until the stain clears.

On any leather pieces, ideally I would recommend testing an inconspicuous area FIRST before applying any treatment.

Leather furniture is an element of luxury for any room décor. It is not difficult to clean leather and the process involves supplies that most homeowners keep readily at hand.

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