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Every business has a beginning.  It all began for Bobby Jordan while he was working for Mr. Frank Richardson at Outside Furniture Company.  While employed there, he developed a love for the furniture business.  After much prayer and consideration, he, along with his wife Bobbie, rented a building on Highway 74E in Rockingham.  On April 2, 1964, Bobby’s Furniture opened.
  It was difficult starting a new business, but Bobby knew that people had a choice of where they could shop for furniture.  He stood by the Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  By applying this principle to his life, God has richly blessed Bobby’s Furniture.  God deserves ALL the credit for what He has done.  Little did we know what God had in store for Bobby’s Furniture.
  In October 1982, a second store was opened in Hamlet under the management of Bobby’s oldest son, Allen.  From that time until April 1995, Bobby’s Furniture operated with two locations.  For some 12 years, the two stores worked together in helping people furnish their homes with quality furniture.  In April 1995, Bobby Jordan decided to retire from the furniture business after 31 years.
   The Hamlet location was expanded in size and the transition was made to combine both stores into one location.  Today, 55 years after Bobby Jordan started the business, Bobby’s Furniture Inc. remains dedicated to you, our customer.  You are not a number with us but you are an individual.  Our staff stands ready to assist you with any furniture purchase.
 We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

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